Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome Matilda Ruth!

18.5 hrs of labor
7lb 8oz
19.5 in

38 weeks and in labor!

I woke up last night to my water breaking. Been in the hospital since midnight. 

Here is my last sunrise before becoming a mother. 

They think it should take 18 hours. So we should meet Pi by 6 pm tonight! 

The countdown that I missed:
5 early boats
4 late boats
13 report cards
10 conferences
3 windows being replaced
1 haircut

At least we found a long term sub!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

36 weeks!

With another snow day on Friday, February vacation has officially begun! I had my 2nd baby shower today. My lovely coworkers tried to surprise me with one on Wednesday, which was also lovely. Everyone is so very kind and generous. And I have already done a lot of laundry. :)

Here I am today at my shower showing off my balancing ability. Thanks to Amy for making the most adorable cherry pies. Pies for Pi.
The official countdown:
8 early boats
6 late boats
1 exhibition evening
15 report cards
15 parent teacher conferences
4 doctor's appointments
1 baby shower

Here is to no more snow days to make up in June!

Friday, February 7, 2014

35 weeks!

Baby classes have begun, baby showers are on the horizon, and one more week until vacation!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

34 weeks and the count down begins

An ex coworker of mine pointed out that I have only 5 more weeks of school which means 25 days I have to wake up for the boat. I thought I could take it further:

14 6:45 boat days
10 7:45 boat days
1 week of vacation
3 baby showers (yes 3. But one is a surprise, so I don't know about it....)
1 exhibition evening
15 parent teacher conferences
15 report cards

I can do this.